Aidan and Gideon’s Arrival

It was June 26, 2017, when Dr. Schindler told me to head to the hospital for an induction. (I was 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant at the time.) Her words set in motion an excited fury of packing, babysitter arranging, and nervous chatting. Spencer and I sat in the hospital parking lot munching on McDonalds and discussing how strange this all was. We were about to begin the labor process after weeks of attempting to hold it off. It all felt so surreal.

Although we checked into the hospital around 11:30am, the induction process didn’t get fully underway until around 4:30pm. Before the Pitocin was turned on, I received IV antibiotics for Strep B and the anesthesiologist placed an epidural just in case Gideon had to be manually removed.

I’ve always heard that Pitocin is a nightmare drug, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. The contractions came hard and strong, but even with the epidural turned all the way down they still weren’t as bad as my back labor with Renee. I was able to talk with all of our family that came to visit and I even kept people updated on Facebook.

Everything changed once my water was broken though. Around 9pm Dr. Schindler broke Aidan’s water. Instantly, the pelvic pressure and contractions got intense. I asked the nurse for some stronger medicine and she sent the anesthesiologist back in to give me a spinal. Let me tell you, that was a miracle drug. I was instantly numb from the neck down. With that in my system all we had to do was wait. I was already measuring 8 cms so we knew the end was in sight.

Around 1:30am Dr. Schindler returned to check me. Much to our surprise I was already dilated to a 10, and Aidan’s head was almost crowning! The room instantly got chaotic. Two NICU teams rushed in, lots of nurses, and some techs. I barely had to push for Aidan to pop out. When they laid him on my belly, I instantly felt pure love. I had never seen a baby so tiny. I carefully ran my fingers through his hair and whispered lovingly to him. It killed me when the nurses came and whisked him away to the warmer.

As the NICU team looked over Aidan, I could see that something was wrong. Suctioning noises could be heard and my husband’s face looked concerned. One of the nurses kept saying that he was fine, but I didn’t believe her. The doctor told me to focus on pushing out Gideon, but how was I supposed to do that when one of my children was struggling for breath?

With all the willpower I could muster, I pushed. Since Gideon was the bigger baby, it was more of a process. Dr. Schindler had to reach up into my uterus and pull him out. Thankfully, I didn’t feel much of that due to the spinal. He must have looked very blue, because they barely let me touch his head before carrying him away too.

After a few minutes of attempting to stabilize both babies, they were rolled away to the NICU, with my husband following behind. I laid in the bed without my family,  bleeding and heartbroken. This wasn’t the way I imagined their birth going…

Thankfully, Aidan would return to us within an hour. He instantly latched onto my breast and my Mama instincts took over. Gideon on the other hand, would be battling a lung infection for four days in the NICU.

I’m still trying to process all that happened that day… I will tell you this though, twin pregnancy is the most difficult, but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I wish my boys had a better entrance into the world, but I am thankful that they are both here and healthy now. Things could have been a lot worse.


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