This Phase of Love

Proverbs 5:18b-19 “Rejoice together with the wife of your youth. Let your loving deer and graceful colt keep company with you, and let her alone go before you and be with you at all times; for in living with her love, you will be great.”


We walked into Target hand in hand, having just finished a hearty meal of filet and shrimp at our local Japanese steakhouse. The warmth of the store slowly brought my ice cold face back to life. I dislodged a single basket from the string of carts and rested my pregnant belly against it.

“What all do we need?” asked my husband.

“Hmmm… Toilet paper, trash bags, and a few odds and ends for lunch tomorrow.”

Together we slowly made our way through the store and mentally checked off our shopping list. We laughed at the large group of men buying last minute Valentine’s Day cards, and indulged ourselves on a discount chocolate heart.

This is what Valentine’s Day looks like in this phase of life.

We have been married for six beautiful years. In that time, we have explored Brazil, Mexico, the Bahamas, and various different states. We graduated college, pursued careers, and purchased a home. With God’s help, we created 4 new souls. We now know each other both inside and out.

The life we live is nothing like I imagined it would be when we first started dating. We still live in the exact same town that we swore we hated as teenagers. We no longer stay up late playing video games or making out on the couch. Instead, we collapse into bed next to each other each night and watch a few shows on Netflix before giving into exhaustion.

These days, love looks like Spencer washing the dishes when my pregnant nose is too sensitive. Love does chores around the house even when she’s exhausted. Love offers to run to the store to get that missing ingredient that his wife needs for dinner. Love does the taxes even when she hates math.

Our marriage has settled into comfortable stability. We visit grandparents on Wednesday, have date night on Thursday, and do family breakfast on Saturday. I brush the kid’s teeth at night while my husband finds pacifiers, blankets, and fills sippies.
I relish the patchy beard on my lover’s face, and I love snuggling with his soft body. I don’t need butterflies of excitement, sneaky kisses, and a bed of roses. I just need my best friend by my side, sharing this wonderfully, mundane life with me.

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